Production of commercial wine racks

When purchasing wine in retail outlets, the buyer always pays attention to the appearance of the bottle. They would like to see the label, to pick up the product and read its composition, to find out information that is important for the consumer. The MARKQUEN company, which manufactures custom-made wine racks, will facilitate the task of attracting the visitor’s attention.

The need to use trade equipment for the demonstration of wines

The most functional storage system is wine racks. In addition to displaying goods, they are the central piece of furnishing of the retail space and decorate the interior. We make displays from chipboard, the base of the case is a metal frame, which makes them stable and durable.

Modular designs are capable of changing configuration depending on the current task. From the types of displays, wall and island versions are offered. The modern design of the racking encourages the purchase of quality goods.

The low height of the equipment presented by our company makes it relevant for rooms with low ceilings. Huge storefronts use contemporary designs to decorate the store and drive sales.

Production technology

Our production technology is based on the use of quality materials and accessories. The efficiency is due to the high technological level. Highly qualified specialists are able to perform work of any complexity to order and according to drawings of serial production.

Benefits of wine racks

The evaluation of our work on the manufacture of custom-made wine racks are customer reviews. Large retail outlets, small retail premises use various models of our company’s products, noting an increase in sales in the first month of installing new equipment on the retail space.

We have developed types of structures for shops and cafes, taking into account the wishes of the consumer and knowledge of marketing secrets. Installation of special equipment has an advantage in the sale of goods:

  • the available space is used effectively;
  • robust design is safe and versatile;
  • ease of installation is achieved by technological solutions;
  • the collection allows you to use any surface for placement, does not take up much space.

Stages of ordering wine racks

Our wine racks have a large capacity, which is important for accommodating the entire range of alcoholic beverages. The equipment looks modern, without cluttering up the space, since we take into account the size of the container, which allows us to effectively position the goods on the shelves in height. When decorating shop windows, we carry out an order in several stages:

  • you choose the type of wine rack and leave a request on our website;
  • we make a wine rack in the required quantity;
  • if necessary, installation of structures is carried out.

We manufacture and sell trade equipment for wine shops, taking into account all the requirements of buyers. The guarantee of the high quality of the materials used makes the offered products popular and unforgettable for the consumer.