Producing coffee modules from the MARKQUEN company

Recently, coffee modules have become widespread. They are found everywhere. The equipment increases the level of service, ensures the comfort of customers. This is an important attribute that attracts visitors and makes the establishment prestigious.

What do we offer?

The coffee modules are presentable, functional, reliable and durable. All this is provided thanks to our designers and constructors. You can purchase constructions on favorable terms in our company.

We offer the manufacture of coffee islands using proven technologies, their delivery and installation. You can order your own model or a ready-made project. All manufactured equipment meets the SES standards and the requirements of the most demanding customers. Specialists are engaged in solving problems of varying complexity, offering best solutions.


When ordering a project for a coffee island, the client receives reliable and original equipment. But first you need to decide on its type:

  • Small designs for coffee to go. It contains all the equipment for automating sales.
  • Coffee module of different shapes, sizes. It can serve as a stand-alone coffee corner.

The body of the structure is made of chipboard, metal. Lighting – LED, neon.

These modules are perfect for offices, show rooms, conference rooms. Such equipment can be placed in shops, gas stations, shopping and business centers, coffee shops. It is also suitable for retail chains, vending companies. Placed coffee modules in the mall will help increase profitability.

Stages of producing coffee modules

You can order any kind of coffee island from us. We offer a full range of work: we create a design that takes into account the communication features of the business. The design of equipment and filling is also carried out. This is how a functional outlet is obtained, according to the calculated budget.

The stages of work are as follows:

  • the type of coffee islands is selected;
  • the 3D layout is approved;
  • then craftsmen make coffee modules according to the project;
  • the resulting structure is mounted at the object.

All work is done in a short time. Our experts will arrange delivery and installation. Also, a guarantee is provided for the equipment.

Benefits of ordering from MARKQUEN

Thanks to the professionalism and wide experience of the specialists, high-quality coffee modules are produced. The advantages of such equipment include:

  • various shapes, dimensions, configurations;
  • a huge range of materials;
  • reliability and safety;
  • quality control at all production stages;
  • applying a style direction when designing models;
  • fast production;
  • sustainability;
  • easy installation and easy dismantling when transferring the structure.

We offer the manufacture of modern coffee modules. If you are interested in such equipment, just create a request. We are guaranteed to find the best solution for a specific target audience.